Your “out of office” adventure

The advantage we have over traditional team building that uses stuffy classrooms, or mountainsides, fields and forests is that our classrooms are 37ft long, equipped with an indoor training room (the saloon), an outdoor training room (the cockpit), a kitchen, and sleep up to eight delegates with en suite facilities. Much more importantly, they move – but only when you work as a team with purpose.

You simply cannot go anywhere in a yacht without teamwork and, as in today’s dynamic businesses, the environment is constantly changing. It is a unique environment for team development that combines many real opportunities to experiment with teamwork and leadership with a truly memorable adventure. In collaboration with the Centre for Team Excellence we offer voyages on which you will learn how to achieve sustained high performance.

team building
in the Solent

Sailing is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to get to know your colleagues better. On this one-day sailing voyage you become fully-fledged crew members from the moment you step on board. And within hours you will be sailing the yacht yourselves, working together to undertake a series of sailing missions and a sharing a fun & memorable experience with your colleagues.

As you sail together, away from the pressures of work, you will find new insights and develop new relationships.

Prices from £125 per person.

1 Day Team Building


team performance

in the Solent

Sailing is a true team activity: total interdependence; multiple roles and task demands; constantly changing conditions; challenging; involving and memorable. It is also a great way to learn about and experiment with ways to improve team performance.

Using the TRIBE team performance system developed by the Centre for Team Excellence you will learn how to lay the foundations for high performance and immediately be able to test your collaborative capability in a series of sailing challenges.
We get you sailing the boat yourselves as quickly as possible and by the afternoon even novice crews will be sailing almost entirely without assistance! Other team building companies try their hand at sailing from time-to-time, but only experience can ensure that you get the most from this rich learning environment.

Prices from £315 per person.

1 Day Team Performance

team transformation
in the Solent

Members of high performing teams behave, think and feel differently to people in ordinary teams. They undergo a psychological shift that makes the success of the team a key ingredient to their sense of who they are: a source of pride, passion and performance. If you have belonged to a high performing team you will remember what this can feel like and for many it is a peak experience.

On a Team Voyage you will learn and apply the TRIBE team performance system developed by the Centre for Team Excellence; TRIBE has been used successfully by more than 40 organisations in 25 countries. Guided by TRIBE your team will establish the beliefs, attitudes and expectations that give it identity and make individual members feel proud to belong. Your team will make the psychological shift that is the lifeblood of exceptional performance and develop a repertoire of skills and processes that will give it the collaborative capability it needs.

Prices from £550 per person per day.

3 Day Team Transformation