Learn to be the skipper your crew deserve

Whilst RYA qualifications and practical experience equip you to sail your boat, they teach you little about how to transform your crew into a high performing team and even less about how to be the kind of skipper that people want to sail with.

Do you:

  • Get stressed because people don’t do what you ask
  • Have to resort to shouting sometimes
  • Feel competitive and then frustrated that your team under performed

And then:

  • Worry that your crew might not have enjoyed sailing with you
  • Wish that everyone you sail with felt as passionate as you do
  • Struggle to get crew
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A proven approach

On a Skipper’s Voyage you will learn the TRIBE team performance system, developed at the Centre for Team Excellence and used in more than 40 organisations around the world including the Royal Navy, Army & RAF. If you race, cruise or just enjoy having fun sailing, this is a ‘must have” course.

Working with our partners at the Centre for Team Excellence, we have helped hundreds of leaders to lead teams to better performance.

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Who is it for?

Perhaps you have RYA skipper qualifications but realise that you now need to learn how to lead your crew. Or have some skippering experience but would like to learn how to make sailing more fun and successful for everybody.

What will I learn?

Skipper’s Voyage is a 2-day yacht-based experiential training on which you will learn how to lead a crew so that people really want to sail with you. You will learn to:

  • Motivate and engage your crew, even before they arrive on the boat

  • Develop enthusiasm and passion amongst the crew

  • Lead a crew that everyone feels proud to belong to and wants to come back for more

Dates and Costs

Dates for 2015 Costs
June 6/7 £399
July 18/19 £399
August 29/30 £399

What's included

  • Luxury yachts (37′ – 50′ depending on group size 6 – 10.)

  • Skipper Instructor – A RYA Yachtmaster Instructor who is commercially endorsed and Team Voyage trained.

  • Personal Skipper 360° Feedback & Team Skipper Workbook.

  • Lunch, drinks and snacks on-board.