How can you lead a high performance team if you don’t know how teams work? Most leadership training focuses delegates’ attention on better understanding themselves but offers few insights into how teams work. We redresses that balance by giving leaders insights into team dynamics that are critical if they are to create and lead high performing teams.

Leaders learn how to form new teams, take-over existing teams and lead complex or virtual teams to better performance. They acquire the skill to diagnose barriers to team performance and leverage opportunities to improve.

Learning outcomes

  • What constitutes high performance in a team?
  • How to assess whether a team has a culture that enables it to fulfil its performance potential.
  • How to recognise and combat team derailers.
  • How to develop a high performance team culture.
  • How to lay the Foundations of Teamship.

“Our board learnt more about leadership in the first day than we would have learned in three days on a conventional course. Nine months later on we are still feeling the benefit.” Paul Battagilola CFO AON

A unique environment

Learning is consolidated by doing and experimenting. Sailing offers a unique environment to learn about and experiment with leading teams. Its complex task demands test leaders, particularly when they lack the expertise, to just tell team members what to do. Our facilitators will both challenge and support delegates as they experiment with new behaviours.

A proven approach

Working with our partners at the Centre for Team Excellence, we have helped hundreds of leaders to lead teams to better performance. Whether as a stand alone programme or integrated as a module in your existing leadership training, call us to find out how we can help.

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