“I have no doubt that a properly structured day with Team Voyage is one of the fastest, most enjoyable ways of getting over the REAL value of team work.” Andy Longden Chief Treasurer BT

“Our board learnt more about leadership in the first day than we would have learned in three days on a conventional course. Nine months later on we are still feeling the benefit.” Paul Battagilola CFO AON

“It only took 24 hours to take the relationship with our client to a new level.  Forget Twickenham -our Partnership Voyage in the South of France achieved much, much more than we had hoped.  A  month later, we were awarded their global advertising account worth millions.  Not bad for a return on investment!”  Steve Shutts TBWA-GGT

“Team Voyage ran a two day development programme for 27 of our staff.  They designed the Voyage around our specific business needs and as a result, the learning was truly relevant.” Helen Bullock Morgan Stanley

“Our Team Voyage was the most effective team building activity I have come across.  I had some very clear objectives and they were all achieved.”  Chris Willcox Managing Director FX, Citigroup