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Since 1999

We are proud of our hard won reputation for transforming the performance of teams and leaders. In collaboration with our sister company the Centre for Team Excellence, since 1999 we have helped 1000’s of people to improve their team performance and given them a taste of the exhilarating sport of sailing.


Sailing is one of the most dynamic team sports that everyone can enjoy and the perfect environment to learn to become a high performance team: total interdependence, multiple roles and task demands, constantly changing conditions, challenging, involving and memorable. It is also great fun and a true adventure.

In collaboration with quality charter companies we offer a voyage on which teams learn to develop team dynamics that deliver sustained high performance. We offer one, two and three day standard courses or bespoke courses to meet your needs and begin your adventure.


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How can you lead a high performance team if you don’t know how teams work? Most leadership training focuses delegates’ attention on better understanding themselves but offers few insights into how teams work.

We redresses that balance by giving leaders insights into team dynamics that are critical if they are to create and lead high performing teams.

Leaders learn how to form new teams, take-over existing teams and lead complex or virtual teams to better performance. They acquire the skill to diagnose barriers to team performance and leverage opportunities to improve.


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Learn to be the skipper your crew deserve. Whilst RYA qualifications and practical experience equip you to sail your boat, they teach you little about how to transform your crew into a high performing team and even less about how to be the kind of skipper that people want to sail with.

Perhaps you have RYA skipper qualifications but realise that you now need to learn how to lead your crew. Or have some skippering experience but would like to learn how to make sailing more fun and successful for everybody.

Skipper’s Voyage is a 2-day yacht-based experiential training on which you will learn how to lead a crew so that people really want to sail with you.


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